Short Hundred (after 99)

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.53.38 PM

I am

purity implied

quality assured

purveyor of certainty

inclusive of all


full marks

tick maker


of compliance

with standards, regulations, speed limits

the atomic number of fermium

a follower of Paul Simon’s ways to leave your lover, twice over

speaker of absolutes

a lifetime

years of solitude

yet one more problem for Jay Z

one fifth of The Proclaimers’ journey

the milestone anniversary

number of posts published on 10000hoursleft




At the one year anniversary of this blog, I estimated 1.5 hours logged per post. Assuming that is still a good estimate, I have now racked up 1,500 hours. So now it is only 8,500 hours I have left till I’ll have apparently mastered something. I’m open to suggestions on how best to use those writing hours- prompts, post ideas, writing challenges- let me know your thoughts!

30 thoughts on “Short Hundred (after 99)

    1. Thanks Kerfe (So glad you wrote the ‘K’ cause I haven’t always been sure on your blog whether it is you or Nina posting). Perhaps I haven’t been following for long enough to know who’s who, but I generally enjoy all that you collectively post. πŸ™‚

      Good point, and great question! In the background, I have a novel in the works which I occasionally post progress snippets from. I guess my goal here is to improve my writing and experiment with different styles till I find my ‘voice’, although that in itself isn’t the end goal. Enjoyment is a big part of it. I love the thrill of writing something quickly in a moment of inspiration, like my life depended on getting that thought down RIGHT AWAY! I also find that the more I stay connected to writing, the more readily inspiration comes.

      The logging hours thing is really just a joke- but the sentiment behind the ‘10,000 hours’ is what I’m going for- i.e. the more I practice, the better I’ll get at it.

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      1. So go where your writing leads you…both Nina and I are continuously going off on tangents. We started the blog so we could show each other our work and comment on it, and it’s taken on a life of its own. But one thing, it does keep us working. Prompts seem to be good at building communities…but it’s a lot of work I think!
        It’s hard to follow everything that everyone posts! We appreciate you visiting when you can. Lots of people get us mixed up, so we try to remember to initial our comments anyway…

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      2. Thanks Kerfe- yes, I have left subject matter pretty wide open- my writing and reading takes me on all kinds of tangents! You and Nina compliment one another- just as nice seeing your friendship as it is reading and seeing the poems and art you two create. I really struggle at times to follow others too, but I try. Yes, as you say- it is made harder when you join challenges which require give and take.

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    2. Ok, I just went to your blog now after making that last comment and I see that you and Nina tag your posts with the author’s name. I feel like a dunce! At least now I can use your names when commenting!

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      1. It’s unique — I like it … Blog names are sort of like blog concepts ..we start off creating a certain focus but very often that evolves in new directions.

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      2. True, the only concept here was creative writing, but it has evolved to non-fiction and also poetry, but subject matter is pretty open. I guess the blog name still encompasses all of that. I like your blog name and it suits your environment/ecology/sustainability focus.

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      3. Thanks (re blog name) … I came up with it about 5 years ago…but didn’t fully get into blogging until last summer.. my headspace and understanding of blogging changed a lot…so much that I actually snuck in a ‘Reflections on Life’ category so I could depart from my nature interests every now and again. There is something to be said for keeping subject matter open–there are pros and cons as with most things πŸ™‚

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      4. I’ll have to go and see you reflections on life category, although I’m guessing I may have already come across some in that category? Your blog is great- you come at issues from really interesting angles.

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      1. Haha. I haven’t heard or seen the album, only read about it. I’m convinced they’re in co-hoots over it for the publicity and money. I prefer Solange (and yes, I know it doesn’t have to be one or the other), but I think Bey is becoming more admirable of late…

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      2. Girl, I totally agree. When the media was like Jay-Z is fine with her revealing parts of their relationship, I thought of course! He’s a bizness man first and always lol

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      3. Yep- they orchestrate everything. Solange just seems more real. Check out this song for starters.

        If I had better internet, I would listen to more of her music (or music in general).

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