On the Periphery

Just out of the corner of his eye…

…was a lingering darkness that made him shake his head from side to side; occasionally kicking his hooves in futile protest of the blinkers he couldn’t remove.


Opening phrase from Dr H’s Two Phrase Story #39. Follow the link and give it a go, inspiration will strike! I’ve been on a roll with two posts today- the other being a 3 line tale.

Now I’m off to dig a hole for my magnolia tree! I have been wanting one for a long time, and today just happens to be the perfect day for it- the right alignment of time on my hands, temperate weather, some energy, and crucially, I finally purchased a plant from my local nursery.

8 thoughts on “On the Periphery

    1. Thanks Derrick. Turns out I didn’t have enough energy- or maybe strength. I used a fence post digger to dig the hole but the ground is so dry and hard. I have filled the dent I made with water and will continue tomorrow, when the forecast rain may help (if it comes).

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    1. Lovely! It took a long time to decide where to plant it. I settled on a spot where I can start building up a dense coverage of trees with different colours, textures, shapes. There is an apple tree, a wattle, a gum tree and two others who’s name I don’t know, in that area. Digging was too difficult so I have waited for the forecast rain for today, which came! Once it is fully grown, we should be able to see the magnolia from every room at the front of our house. Till then, we’ll just have to go for a wander to see it. Thanks 🙂

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