Tuned to the Key of Life

a to do list grows

invisible vice tightens

warm crush, brows bead sweat


steel string wound too tight

hit the wrong chord and it’ll snap!

ease back for warm tones


remember to breath

loosen the tight deadlines

recharge in sun’s warmth


Thanks to Ronovan Writes’ Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge for the two word prompt: tight, warm.

16 thoughts on “Tuned to the Key of Life

      1. You know, it’s funny because I was going through a bit of something a while back and seeing an acupuncturist. She recommended that I meditate but I could never find the time and when I could, I could never achieve that zen state. Long story short…it became more stressful for me to find the time to meditate than anything and it didn’t seem to be doing much so I just stopped.

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  1. Did the acupuncturist help (aside from the suggestion to meditate)? I think that is a common misconception about meditation- the ‘state’ is whatever it is going to be- sometimes the zen like state is just an illusion. I hope I am not coming across as a know it all- just talking about my own personal realisation, which is that even if you spend the time alone with chaotic mind chatter while meditating- that in itself is a good thing, if you take the time to observe those thoughts and just be, without judging or reacting to those thoughts- you might get some insight in what is preoccupying you when you aren’t even aware of it. The attempt time and time again to bring your focus back to your breathing or counting or whatever it is you are using to still your mind is the point, and with practice, you’ll have longer periods of a still mind before remembering that you are out of milk or that your car is due for a service, or the shade of green your best friend wore the last time you caught up. I have also learnt that a little (like even 1 minute) EVERY day is better than heroic efforts of 30 minutes every once in a while. Now, a disclaimer- I am personally struggling with making it a daily effort, but I am trying to at least do a minute a day and building from there, and I really can’t make the excuse that I don’t have a minute, when this comment alone has taken me about 5 haha.


    1. Thanks Janice. Funny your should mention that, because reading it after publishing, it occurred to me I missed an opportunity to explore all the senses- the three were tied together loosely about stress and anxiety, and I hadn’t thought too much beyond that.

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    1. That’s great! And yes, no excuse needed! I was taking lessons some years back but don’t have the time to do it now. Really wanted to master “here comes the sun” and “blackbird” and although no mastery, I had got to the point of remembering a lot of it. I guess I could pick it up every now and then and try to work out what all the tab means. So good for the soul! πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m pedestrian at best Mek – but I took my beat up guitar and played “hallelujah” in the quiet of my room for days after my wife passed. The connection of fingers to metal to strings to soul – it got me through.

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      2. I’m ok Mek – I’m changed – But I am not alone in this – it happens to someone everyday in this world — And I was lucky to find this kind of love one time in my life. I am ok.

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