A Word…

An image for week 7 of the travel through the tumbleweed series on 10000hoursleft.wordpress.com, featuring a post titled 'a word...' using writing 101 creative writing prompt with the word 'never' in a letter format

Here we are at week 7! It is getting harder for me to pick the posts to take us to the end of the 10 week travel series. I might have to do some creative accounting.

This post was fun to write and fun to re-read after all this time. It was based on a WP Writing 101 prompt, referencing the first word that grabbed my attention on page 29 of the nearest book, and featuring the word in a letter, tying in neatly with last week’s letter themed travel through the tumbleweed. What was the word? I could never spoil a surprise like that!

Click on the image to travel through the tumbleweed! Mind the gap, and heed the warning in the letter!

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The Ephemeral Lie

image of tumbleweed for week 6 in the 10 week series exploring old blog posts. this week's entry is a post inspired by a prompt with 7 words, and is titled 'the ephemeral lie'.

This week’s edition in our 10 week sojourn through the tumbleweed is a post inspired by a writing prompt that required seven specific words be included (actually called ‘seven stupid words’ by the prompt creator). Each word had a way of leading my imagination along twists and turns until I found the path that allowed each one to fit in with some semblance of a cohesive story.

If writing in response to prompts were a sport, this prompt would be considered an extreme sport. What were the words? Well, that would be telling! I’m interested in knowing if you can pick the words – particularly if any of them stand out as being contrived, in amongst my usual vocabulary. I won’t be offended if you get the words wrong!

Click on the image to be transported through the tumbleweed. Watch your step, and be prepared to broaden your linguistic horizons! Oh, and pack a dictionary! That is, if like me, you have no idea what ‘fealty’ means (well, I do now, and I’ve just given away one of the words). Bonus points if you know what a pineapple is, and move to the next level if you do your take on the same challenge and post a link in the comments- go on, what have you got to lose?

If you want to read other posts in the series, look in menu item ‘travel through the tumbleweed’.

Enjoy the ride!

Two Stray Lette r s

It’s week 5! We are at the half way point of our travels. This week I have cheated and given you two posts in one. Both are a short (really!) response to the same WordPress Writing 101 prompt.

If you’ve been along for the ride in previous weeks, you know the deal. If you’re new to this, mind the gap! and take your time to pick up and read a stray letter or two that you may find along the path.

Click on the image to travel through the tumbleweed. Once there, you will find directions to the next post.

If you want to read other posts in the series, you can find them under menu item ‘travel through the tumbleweed’.

Bon voyage!

House Sitting Ducks

Week 4 already? Bringing a little creative non-fiction into the 10 week series, I invite you to jump into the world that was mine many moons ago, at the age of 12. Click on the pic to be transported. Watch for road works, flammables and eye rolls!

This week’s edition is a response to one of WordPress’ Writing 101 prompts. The course encouraged me to explore personal stories (which until then, I’d shied away from on this blog) and experiment with different writing styles and narrative voices. I feel I stumbled onto something good with this post, and hope to one day build on it for a longer story.

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