Where are the…

…people? The square was empty, giving me the sinking feeling that the revolution will not be realised.


With this week’s opening phrase for the Two Phrase Story #41 prescribed by Dr H, I was initially feeling a little uninspired (it’s me, not you Dr H) and my creativity was stifled somewhat with the realisation that I had no clue what a ‘phrase’ meant (in the grammatical sense, not in the common English understanding). So, I kept second guessing every attempt I made. Following further consultation with Dr H, I decided to throw rules out the window and proceeded as before, in blissful ignorance. Grammar? Pff…grammar is optional in my book. It all fell together when I heard Gil Scott-Heron’s The Revolution Will Not be Televised on random play this morning- pretty apt YouTube clip I found for it too 🙂

Re: grammar- okay, I really do care and it is bugging me, so if you have a good grasp of grammar and can explain it in plain English, please let me know your thoughts on what constitutes a ‘phrase’. I think I have probably added 3 more phrases to the prompt.


On the Periphery

Just out of the corner of his eye…

…was a lingering darkness that made him shake his head from side to side; occasionally kicking his hooves in futile protest of the blinkers he couldn’t remove.


Opening phrase from Dr H’s Two Phrase Story #39. Follow the link and give it a go, inspiration will strike! I’ve been on a roll with two posts today- the other being a 3 line tale.

Now I’m off to dig a hole for my magnolia tree! I have been wanting one for a long time, and today just happens to be the perfect day for it- the right alignment of time on my hands, temperate weather, some energy, and crucially, I finally purchased a plant from my local nursery.