Positive Political Action

I came across this via methodtwomadness’ reblog and had to share- check it out for a treasure trove of inspiration – changing the world never looked so practical and doable!

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Myfanwy Tristram

As you may remember, back in October, I went for a run and came back with a glimmer of an idea.

Remind me not to go running again: that little seed grew into a project that has taken up every spare moment since then. But today, most of the hard work is over. Today we launch Draw The Line.

Draw The Line

It’s been astonishing to watch, as what I’d conceived as a modest small press project blossomed, and more and more comic artists came on board (139 of them at the final count). Every single one of them is a superstar in my books, but it’s perhaps worth mentioning the bigger names, just to underline how the project grew so much bigger than I’d imagined. So, look out for work by Rachael Ball, Hannah Berry, Kate Charlesworth, Hunt Emerson, Kate Evans, Karrie Fransman, James Harvey, Lucy Knisley, Dave McKean, Fumio Obata…

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Where are the…

…people? The square was empty, giving me the sinking feeling that the revolution will not be realised.


With this week’s opening phrase for the Two Phrase Story #41 prescribed by Dr H, I was initially feeling a little uninspired (it’s me, not you Dr H) and my creativity was stifled somewhat with the realisation that I had no clue what a ‘phrase’ meant (in the grammatical sense, not in the common English understanding). So, I kept second guessing every attempt I made. Following further consultation with Dr H, I decided to throw rules out the window and proceeded as before, in blissful ignorance. Grammar? Pff…grammar is optional in my book. It all fell together when I heard Gil Scott-Heron’s The Revolution Will Not be Televised on random play this morning- pretty apt YouTube clip I found for it too 🙂

Re: grammar- okay, I really do care and it is bugging me, so if you have a good grasp of grammar and can explain it in plain English, please let me know your thoughts on what constitutes a ‘phrase’. I think I have probably added 3 more phrases to the prompt.


Invitation to the Boardroom

Alice could see the boardroom from where she sat. In the interest of transparency and fostering a trusting work environment, Victor, the new General Manager, had taken to leaving the blinds open. She had worked hard on the proposal and Turner & Pearce Solutions was now one of three bidders short-listed for the $80M design and delivery of water and wastewater infrastructure for the growth areas south of the capital. Peter looked smug as he stood at the head of the table, using the laser pointer to highlight aspects of the design as he spoke. He hadn’t extended the meeting invitation to her, instead assembling only the boy’s club- James, Aaron, Luke, and even the vacation student Sean. The others hadn’t done much more than data collection and verification. It was Alice who’d built the hydraulic models, assessed odour treatment requirements, selected pumps and carried out a whole host of other assessments that underpinned the details in their proposal.

The twitch in her right eye returned, a giveaway to anyone who knows her well that she was under a great deal of stress. Peter was aware of the importance of this project in her application for chartership and prospects for a promotion. Without her input being clearly communicated at this point, she wouldn’t get a look in at the next stage of design, nor a role on the project team should they win the bid. She knew all this because it was not the first project she’d put her all into, working late during the week and putting in hours at the weekend, even sacrificing second or third dates on the rare occasions that she met someone she fancied. Her friends didn’t bother to invite her out anymore, having received countless rainchecks and excuses of deadlines, her work taking precedence over her personal life.

Victor was talking now, smiling and at ease, pointing at the charts and bullet points flickering on the white wall. He was clearly impressed with what Peter had presented, words were not necessary to know that. Seeing her chance close yet again, Alice slunk in her seat, her shoulders hunched with the familiar weight she felt. With her drop in height, her monitor blocked her view of the boardroom, so it came as a surprise to suddenly see Peter at her desk. The thick carpet lining the office tended to cushion footsteps, making it easy to sneak up on others or be snuck up on. Continue reading