Photo of ferry terminal at twighlight used as prompt for a flash fiction story
Photo by Charlie Hang

And so I have done it again, ignoring the glaring neon warning as he ferried me across decades to the losses that anchor me to vacant spaces; the chain pulling taut with less and less give as flotsam and jetsam gather and entangle in its rusty links.

On shore, telegraph poles line up like dominos before the fall, the dialogue between my ghosts echoing down the wire; different faces, same conversation.

I bid farewell to thee and seek refuge on my island, for I am the lighthouse keeper.


Inspired by Sonya’s Three Line Tale Week Twenty Three.

Hide & Seek

Sand dunes with shadow to illustrate 3 line tale, cretive writing story prompt
Photo by Fabio Ros

Looking back over my shoulder, I saw its slow, menacing advance drawing a dark cloak over everything in its path. There was nowhere to hide in the vast desert, confirmed by the booming voice calling an end to this high stakes game of hide-and-go-seek. Raising my arms, I fell to my knees in despair, but also relief that I would no longer have to run.


Inspired by Sonya’s Three Line Tale #14.