Witches and Hard Boiled Eggs


Pushing aside my bowl of porridge, I picked up the paper and began to read out loud to my partner, equal parts amused and saddened at the throw away last paragraph in the Midland Weekly:

“You’ve got to listen to this- just another write up on local events, was a success, blah blah, until the final paragraph: Following the success of this year’s Easter Egg Hunt, we will of course continue the tradition in 2016. However, due to OH&S regulations and rising insurance premiums, the hunt will no longer be held at the Oak Forest, but instead on the spacious grounds of the football oval, with witches hats guiding the children’s paths, single file, to the Easter bunny holding a basket of eggs. These steps will ensure no trips, falls or lost children, and bearing in mind the rising incidence of childhood obesity, we will replace the chocolate eggs with protein and omega 3 rich hard boiled eggs, to be dyed by our lovely volunteers from the Country Women’s Association. See you next year for another fun Easter Egg Hunt! Can you believe that?”

“Eh, hold on, I’m just trying to finish writing this email…” He hadn’t been listening. Continue reading