Kiss by the Window

Image of Edvard Munch painting 'kiss by the window' used as prompt for microfiction writing challenge
Kiss by the window by Edvard Munch, 1892

The brevity of my services to the household was sealed during the formalities of introductions, the quickening of my heartbeat directing dancing waves of warm light from every extremity to my core, leaving me tingling and within a week, receptive to his touch, warm hands on my cheeks, fingers stroking my earlobes, his breath sweeping hair from the nape of my neck before tracing hieroglyphics of unspoken promises with his tongue. He kept me suspended with his will and my acquiescence, one arm around my shoulder, tilting me back, and the other circling my waist, hand resting on the small of my back to ward off gravity as he breathed life into implausible dreams with a kiss. Clandestine kisses charged two-fold, for the slightest movement could sending me crashing down, and an untimely intrusion held the threat of broad crimson brush strokes, tainting me the scarlet woman, the other woman, the unemployed woman. My memory has imbued our last kiss by the window in the cool and calculating shades of blue of bruises I sustained with the backward fall, as the lady of the house opened and shut the door quickly, throwing the delicate balance of his hold on me.


Exactly 200 words for Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge #4. Follow the link to Jane’s site if you’d like to join in.

A Strong Brew

Photo of a kitchen bench with red kettle and mug to illustrate a three line tale brewing an aphrodisiac
Photo by Dayne Topkin

Did she say three heaped spoons to one cup, or one heaped spoon to three cups? My memory failed me, and the jar’s Hellenic script was no help, so I’d decided on a stronger brew.

Now I sit and wait for his return, watching the siren red kettle infusing promises of Aphrodite’s herbal potion.


Inspiration from Sonya’s Three Line Tales, Week 13. I love the photo prompt for this week’s edition so I finally joined in! I’m really enjoying brevity at the moment.