Shimmer Like Mirrors

“Only YOU can do something about it.”

“Let me hear you all shout out loud ONLY.I.CAN.DO.SOMETHING.ABOUT.IT!”

The capacity crowd at the stadium dutifully shouted back to Timothy Robbins, not wanting to miss out on any of his calls to action that could guarantee success, wealth and eternal happiness in their lives. As his seminars progress, crowds usually loosened up enough to incorporate foot stamping and fist waving with the shout backs of rallying lines that Timothy asked them to repeat.

Timothy, not to be confused with Andy, although secretly Timothy is always a little chuffed at the confusion, is a motivational speaker. It just so happens they share a surname- quite fortuitous for Timothy going by the number of calls received by the booking agency after people have attended his seminars only to see his face for the first time and realise that they got the wrong Robbins. However, according to Timothy’s estimations, 75% of people who attend his seminars under the misunderstanding of which Robbins they will be seeing leave feeling that it didn’t matter because they walked away with The Skill, an as yet to be trademarked set of guiding principles for life.

Seminar attendees were initiated into The Skill, and also received a Success Pack with a signed postcard sized copy of the principles; a bumper sticker; a silicone wristband inscribed with “The Skill”; and Timothy’s self-published hardcover book elaborating on the guiding principles, complete with high resolution images of Timothy and the cars, houses, holiday destinations and other countless ways that he  spent the spoils of his “Mega, Mega Success”, as he likes to refer to it. Continue reading