Creek-side Ephemera

Photo of an old bridge over a shallow creek. The banks have various green shurbs and trees and the sky is blue.
Franklinford Streamside Reserve.

I was honoured and thrilled to have a piece I recently wrote for Writing Non-fiction: Research and Readership published on the RMIT Professional Writing and Editing site as a sample of student work. I’m among incredible company. Go have a read if you’re interested. Estimated reading time 2-3 minutes. Five if you want to savour it cause who knows when I’ll post again haha.

I have clearly been absent from Blogsville for a while. Someone please tell what is going on with the editor and how I can revert back to the older style. Although I guess that older style was once new and I did get used to it.

14 thoughts on “Creek-side Ephemera

  1. Hi Mek. Very atmospheric and packed with imagery. I enjoyed read it your descriptive story. When the Classic version of WordPress disappeared I thought the same as you. But I have persevered with the Block version and sort of got the hang of it. It’s progress I suppose!

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  2. LOL You CANNOT revert back. It is impossible. However, it’s not too hard to figure out once you get in there. I’ve been using one feature a week to familiarize myself with things, and although I used to HATE it, now I see why it really is more intuitive/helpful.

    Glad to see you back for a minute. Headed to the link.

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    1. Ugh. Ok, I’ll give it a shot … cause I have no choice. I had such an efficient work flow with the old version.

      I’ll be back again soon to publish the 2020 edition of Ruben’s birthday updat before the 2021 date roles around haha.

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  3. The Happiness Engineers insist that everyone loves the new Block Editor. All I can say is I’ve figured out how to post, but it’s annoying every time.
    But it’s always good to see you. Congratulations! (K)

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  4. Never on here. Well rarely to never but can honestly say I was hoping you would be Mek. Praying all is super awesome in your world. Abundant blessings💫e

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