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I was lucky enough to be featured on Nadine Tomlinson’s Storyteller Series. Nadine, a friend, fellow blogger and speculative fiction writer asked great questions on creativity and life — are there any other topics worth discussing? If you want to read my thoughts on those topics, head over to Nadine’s blog where you’ll also find posts in which Nadine shares insights on the creative process and writing inspiration. Thanks Nadine, it was a real pleasure!

Welcome to Storyteller Series, where I highlight writers, authors, and those who tell, publish, and promote stories. This month, I’m featuring Mek. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and emigrated to Sydney, Australia at the age of six. After taking the safe route of a chemical engineering degree rather than exploring her love of art,+…

via Mek: An Artistic Storyteller — Nadine Tomlinson • Speculative Fiction Writer

29 thoughts on “Storyteller Series

  1. What a wonderful interview! I’m so glad you are finding a way to create and parent and work at the same time…I did not do well with that. And it’s so true what you said about making boundaries in order to create. My drawing career started with horses too…(K)

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  2. Great interview, Mek. As always lovely to hear your views, especially as someone who also admires both magical realism and art. Definitely looking forward to reading that novel now! You grew up in Sydney, I visited once, beautiful city… Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Mek -As a subscriber to Nadine’s blog, it pleased me so much when I saw that you were being featured in her Storyteller Series! I love what I learned about you. Thank you for the inspiration!

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    1. Thanks so much Leslie. Your comments have been so generous from day 1 when we first met on a post following an unsuccessful poetry submission I’d made. Not sure if you remember it, but your comment and you made an impression on me 😊 You inspire me too xx

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