Pre-Iron Age Chef

Photo of a snake skeleton use as a prompt for a three line tale, microfiction story
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash


Today in the kitchen stadium, the challenger has plated up a char grilled Adaptosaurus on a bed of mashed sweet potato with a side of shredded brussel sprouts stir-fried with the secret ingredient: full-moon-bathed silvered almonds.

If you want to recreate this gastronomic wonder at home, the first step of course is to hunt down your creature, good luck with that—we picked one up at British Museum deli—they’re hard to come by, so if you’re stuck, use chicken and adjust the cooking time accordingly. Carefully debone your protein with a sharpened stone, lather with crushed garlic and coconut oil, and pop it on the grill for an age—paleolithic magic!


Inspired by Sonya’s Three Line Tales, Week 82

31 thoughts on “Pre-Iron Age Chef

      1. I didn’t believe my Chinese friends at first, as the soup tasted ‘hot’, I even suspected the chrysanthemum flowers floating on the top were odd. I was shown the kitchen with their baskets of wild cobra snakes.
        I’ll admit the soup was nice, but I think it was shredded chicken – No no really is snake.


      2. So you expected snake soup not to taste ‘hot’? How would you know if you’d never had it before? I ate a crocodile burger years ago…it tasted like bland boiled chicken smothered in tomato sauce (ketchup).

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    1. I remembered reading a comment on your blog about your comments appearing in people’s spam so I thought to check my spam now while looking for a very very long comment I got from someone else a while back which I still haven’t replied to. Anyway, found this comment in spam!

      Yes, a deli there would be interesting. Ancient, cured specimens *puke* haha

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  1. This recipe was so appetizing to my imagination! “full-moon-bathed silvered almonds” – indeed!😍 (Sorry I’m late – I haven’t read anybody’s blog for a good bit of the summer and now, it’s Fall!)

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      1. Er…I’m rather stunned that I’m already “looking back” on summer – why does it seem to be the shortest season every year?

        My grandmother turned 100 years old in July so there was a bit of a family reunion weekend, and I would say that I had a lot of contact with old friends, family, and mentors this summer….so I think that adds up to being “fab”! What about you?

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      2. Summer always feels long here because from about mid spring, weather is quite warm and then till about mid autumn it is still warm so we have an extended hot season. I know what you mean though.

        Yes, I remember your pic of granma on instagram, looking all regal in that shawl you made her 🙂

        I’ve not had a summer break cause it hasn’t been summer haha. Not much really aside from starting my writing course a few weeks ago and keeping up with a toddler who keeps growing and presenting us with more reasons to love him and feel challenged by him haha.

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