The Used Car Salesman

Photo of a blue volkswagon combi van used as a prompt for a microfiction story

Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

She paid in cash, said it was her savings and emptied a beaten up old suitcase on my desk; between you and me, I usually let people feel they’re getting away with a deal, play along with their haggling and knock off five hundred or so and everybody’s happy, but she wasn’t having none of that—couldn’t wait to dump the cash and drive off with the combi, but then said something about not being able to drive a stick and walked off.

Fred rubbed the stubble on his chin—the bristling of the short hairs gave him pleasure—as he waited for the officer to catch up with her note taking— So why the questions? Was she some kind of crim? Hadn’t seen her around these parts till…

The other officer—carrying a sizable black plastic bag—walked up behind Fred, cutting him off mid-sentence You might want to have a lawyer present before you do any more talking. Frederick Ainsley Bartlett, you are under arrest for…


Inspired by Sonya’s Three Line Tales, Week Eighty. I really did’t know where this one was going and feel like it was a bit of a cop out (no pun intended) ending, but maybe I’ll continue it. I so often add half baked promises at the bottom of my posts haha. If you have any thoughts on what Frederick is getting arrested for, please do share…

15 thoughts on “The Used Car Salesman

    1. Maybe, but is it an offence to sell a car to an intoxicated person? Should car dealers be made to do an equivalent of the ‘responsible service of alcohol’ training that bartenders do? He did say she walked away. Hmm….you’ve raised more questions than you’ve answered Katherin! Thanks 🙂

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  1. Totally intriguing! Let’s see, does he work for the mob? Has he been running the odometers back? Embezzling? Did he steal something and that was the getaway car? I don’t know, but I certainly like a good used car salesman character too!

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      1. See how brilliant you are! I would have never thought of using that as a time travel story, but that would be so cool. I love Back to the Future and Peggy Sue Got Married. I can’t wait to see if you write it 😀

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      2. Thanks Lana, but I can’t take all the credit…it was synergy at play through the conversation with you…

        I just might gave yo write a part 2…can’t promise when though, but I’ll try for sometime this year 😊

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