My Threenager

Photos of three year old birthday party at skate park. Half pipe cake, and kids on bikes and scooters.
Photographs by Richard Baxter

When my baby was new to me (and the world), I made up two songs to soothe him to sleep. That baby now sings along to those songs (and occasionally replaces any one of the words with ‘poo’ because that’s the funniest thing in the world, right?). Poo or no poo, there’s nothing more touching than hearing him softly sing along:

Sunrai you’re so beautiful
Sunrai you’re so bright
Sunrai you’re so beautiful
Everything’s going to be alright
It’s alright Sunrai, it’s all bright Sunrai
It’s alright Sunrai,
Sunrai it’s alright

Three years have passed since that sleepless night when I grasped for words and a tune to settle him, but those words are truer now, with the love I have for him growing more than I thought  possible.

The other song?

It’s time to sleep *Poo-ben, it’s time to sleep
It’s time to sleep my little Sunrai, it’s time to sleep
Mamma-*poo’s here when you need her
Daddy’s here when you need him
But now it’s time to sleep.

*Poo inserts for the Ruben remix

My little Sunrai,

I hope your song, with its love-infused lyrics will keep you shining whenever you falter or experience any not alright moments – those moments will build your character, lead to growth and make you savour the  brighter days even more. I love you with all my heart.

Thankyou for being you, and for reminding me to jump in puddles when I ‘forget’.

Happy 3rd birthday beautiful boy!

All my love (a thousand kisses for you is never too much),

Mummy xxx


What’s a birthday party without games and gifts? Leave a comment with your guess of number of hours of labour for both the half pipe cake and Poo-ben…closest answer at 16:55 AEST (GMT +11) Sunday 18 June 2017 (when he’ll be exactly 3 years, 1 week old) will win a party favour that I’ll post anywhere in the world. Unfortunately no mini bikes or skateboards remain but it’ll nonetheless be full of fun and treats. Winner will be notified in the comments. Hip hip hooray! 

Postscript: off on a tangent here, but when I wrote “All my love’  in my sign off, Luther Vandross’ ‘Never Too Much’ autocompleted in my head (and yes, I know it is ‘oh my love’ but still, my brain decided to sing that song). Anyway, if you want to smile, do yourself a favour and have a listen to the song, or better yet, watch the video for a little 80’s nostalgia. Ah Luther- you were AMAZING, gone far too soon.

58 thoughts on “My Threenager

    1. Thanks Lissa! Happy soon to be 3rd birthday to your little girl! Are you making the cake? What’s the theme? Im so excited about the many years ahead of cake baking, costume making, face painting etc…these are the reasons I had a child 😂😂😂

      So…I may not have made the game clear. I’d like a guess for labour time for the cake, and seperately for baby. Is 15 hours your guess for baby? How about cake?


      1. Well her birthday is the 4th of July so we always have an easy, built-in theme! I always make a simple American Flag cake… Nothing like yours! Ok, so baby labor, I’m guessing 15 hours and cake labor I’ll say 6 hours and 32 minutes.

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      2. Love the addition of 2 minutes 😂😂 lucky girl getting fireworks every birthday. Is 4th july a holiday- as in no work and no school? My son’s birthday is close to the Queen’s birthday weekend here do every now and tgen he’ll have a long weekrnd for his birthday, as was the case this year. Your guesses are locked in! 😊


    1. Thanks Leslie 💕 Is 20 hours your guess for the cake? Just clarifying- you’ll need to guess number of hours labour for cake, and seperately- number of hours labour for baby. I think I confused everyone…


    1. Thanks so much 😊 Is that your guess for labour for baby? Apologies for confusion- I’d like a guess for labour hours for cake, and separately for baby…thanks for humouring me 😂


  1. Happy Birthday to your little Sunrai. I have been known to be responsible for lyrics to great hits like “Bath Time for the Boo” and “I’m Gonna Get You With the Sun Block”. I will guess 20 although you may get a prize if you beat my average at 17 and 36.

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    1. Thanks Marissa. I imagine your lyrics would be hilarious haha. Did they follow instructions of just fall to the floor in hysterical laughter? So 20 hours is your guess for delivery of baby…how many hours labour would you guess for the cake? I won’t react to your labour stats as I don’t want my reaction to give the game away 🙈🙉🙊


    2. Ok now it’s safe to react. Woah- 17 and 36 hours. All I can say is ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’. I was done and dusted in 3hours 55min. Well done for the marathon effort! 😓


    1. Thanks Sandra! Yes, the ‘help’ adds a lot of extra time and mess to anything 😂 so that is clearly your guess for cake. What is your guess for labour in delivering the birthday boy?


  2. This post left me smiling. I had labor over several days the first time, but I’m guessing an easier time for you, 6 hrs 17 minutes. The cake? Four hours. give or take.
    I sang James Taylor to my girls. I love that you made up a special song! Happy 3! (K)

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    1. So glad it made you smile! Did you watch the video too? 😊 Which James Taylor song? Did he sing that song for vincent van gogh (starry starry night)? Love that song! Your answers are locked in! Thanks for playing.

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      1. “Close Your Eyes” and “Sweet Baby James”. I don’t remember who did “Starry Starry Night” but it wasn’t James. Nice song though.
        Yes, Luther…so many lost too soon. I always liked that disco beat.

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      2. Just looked up the words to ‘you can close your eyes’ lovely…what a gorgrous song- it must mean a lot to your children now. And can I say- 1971 James Taylor was a hottie! Could be a current day 20 something year old…clothes and hair styles just come and go in cycles…

        Starry starry night is don mclean!

        Yes- that beat is incredible- it invites movement and smiles 😊 I watched the video a couple of times while drafting this post and danced like no one was watching – cause no one was haha.


    2. We have a winner!!!! Congratulations Kerfe, your answers were the closest overall. I had a precipitous labour – 3 hours 55min. The cake took almost twice as long- approximately 7 hours 25 minutes. Cake (or 4 cakes as was the case here) weighed probaby about the same as my baby. Email me your postal address and I’ll send your prize 🎁🎉🎊😊

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    1. Thanks Derrick. Although he’d say thank-poo Derrick-poo 🙂 I think we will have many years of poo and fart mileage haha. Did you want to hazard a guess on cake labour and baby labour? It isn’t secret women’s business you know…


  3. This post reminded me that some of my earliest memories were of my mother singing to me…..There is nothing in the world quite so wonderful or durable as a mother’s love.

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      1. Hi Mekdes, all good here…..

        I can just remember random lines of one or two songs. As I was the eldest child, it is also possible that the words I am remembering came from Mum singing to my younger brothers and sisters. Either way, the memory of the singing is still very vivid, even if the words have largely gone.

        My mother died about eight years ago, but when I want to be with her I visualise lying in her arms and listening to her sing a soothing lullaby to me, caressing my hair. I still love and miss her so much and I will take this memory to the grave. Every child should be so lucky….

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      2. Oh Mike that is so lovely…what a beautiful memory and connection. I wasn’t so lucky as a child but I’m lucky and grateful that I can give that love to my boy which he gives back in abundance. I hope I leave him with that same sense of being loved that your mother left you with 😊 I really see it as my most important role in life and one that is a great privelage and honour.

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      1. Hey Sis! Did you need me to? Was there something you added to it – like narration or special graphics? Because if its for your channel or to support you in any way, I will definitely carve out time…. Anything for you. Just let me know.


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      2. You’re such a sweetheart e! No, no reason to watch aside from the pleasure it will give you. It’s not my channel nor the channel of anyone I know ir endorse…just happened to be the first I stumbled on when looking for the song 😊

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    1. Thanks Dagmar. So nice to have you visit after all this time- it has been over a year! I remember you dropped off the radar for summer ’16! I’d love to hear more about what you are up to when you get a chance to share xx


  4. I love this post Mek – it oozes so much love and the joys of parenting – which is what parenthood should be all about – sheer joy! Amazing pictures too – how talented you are in producing a boy and a cake like that!:)

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      1. Goodnight and seeet, sorry, sweet dreams, Mek (chuckle, chuckle). Yes, I might just do that, the only thing is that I’ve already put on my make-up,:) but I’ll say a little prayer for you …:)x

        Liked by 1 person

      1. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I got out of bed, the record player (yes I realise I’m ageing myself BIG TIME here) would go on and then I would play it non-stop … I think it might have been a little annoying for my neighbours. haha

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