Orange ball of wool, yarn on a bed used as a prompt for creative writing: flash fiction/microfiction
Photo by Philip Estrada

Memories unravel from the hem of his old woollen jumper.

Burnt orange trail, a trip hazard for thoughts that fall in waking hours.

An intrusive yarn, texture reminiscent of an embrace that’s scratchy yet too warm to refuse in recurring dreams of a lifetime of winter.


Inspired by Sonya’s Three Line Tales Week Thirty-Three.

25 thoughts on “Unravel

    1. Now im gonna have to look that up! Happy birthday for the other day! Read the post but was on train so commenting was hard. Nice return to your old form too (not that the new hard hitting music journalism isn’t good). 😊


    1. In one of my writing courses, they taught the use of ‘bricks of detail’ imagine before writing a scene the taste, sight, smell, touch etc…

      I get why with you art background you’d appreciate texture. I guess texture in writing doesn’t have to be literal either- layers of meaning are a form of texture.

      Thanks Daal 😊

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      1. What a lovely reply! Smell is often neglected too – am an offender too – I keep a little list of 5 senses, including 6th of ‘feel,’ to remind myself to include, but am often remiss.

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      1. Ah okay. You should change the link on your gravatar / avi. Otherwise it looks like a spammer has left a comment (at least that’s what I think when I follow a link and it says the page doesn’t exist). I was actually surprised that you replied.

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