Smoke & Mirrors

And in a puff

‘…we can secure a loyal customer base.’ He said, to rapturous one-handed applause as the mirrored ball room filled with their collective smoke.


Opening ‘phrase’ provided by Dr H’s Two Phrase Story #42. After a couple of consultations with the doctor, and lengthy discussions with my online medical team last week, I have decided to abandon grammar all together and yeah.

13 thoughts on “Smoke & Mirrors

  1. Your opening a discussion about grammar fits with my recent discovery that grammar walked out the door at some point (I missed the press release–maybe it just slithered out). I drew this conclusion from a couple of recently published novels …I ‘m thrilled with being able to drop rules.. proper sentences are overrated.

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    1. Yay! Thanks Janice. It is so inhibiting and has always made me overly analytical and critical of my writing which doesn’t help the creative process. A couple of new comments in the discussion yesterday that I haven’t had a proper look at yet. The overwhelming majority though is grammar is gone. I reckon it slithered out is shame haha.

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      1. And then there’s that Grammer app… Actually what would be really interesting to know is current editing policies at major publishers for magazines, newspapers and fiction…clearly for fiction there is much room for creativity. (This is my curiosity speaking :)) I find it liberating too–not having to worry about rules and just focusing on flow etc

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      2. Ah, grammarly? I installed that and it annoys the hell out of me. It normally only picks up spelling errors though, so I’m probably doing something right, although it says you have to get the premium service for more help thsn the basics. Ok, as annoying as it is, it’s good to have for non-office software and online use that doesn’t have an inbuilt check. They’d have their style guide and conventions I imagine but going off what I read, I don’t think they’re followed strictly, or maybe the 24hour news cycle has made for lax writing.

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