Cookin’ Up a Storm

Theodore_Clement_Steele_-_A_Corner_in_the_Old_Kitchen_of_the_Mittenheim_Cloister illustrating a tanka, poetry
A Corner in the Old Kitchen of the Mittenheim Cloister, Theodore Clement Steele (1883)

bubbling pots transpire

rumbling storm of hunger strikes

raindrops through faucets

fluro’s lightening flicker

microwave beeps- dinner’s thawed!


Prompt words from Ronovan Writes’ Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge: lightening, rain. Seeing as I’d written about rain before, my well felt dry for this week’s prompt until I thought of rain water through my kitchen tap, breaking the creative drought.

10 thoughts on “Cookin’ Up a Storm

    1. I thing T.C.S’s subject will get a fright too when it beeps. Thank, so glad you liked it! It was fun to write. I literally had to jump off my spin bike to get my phone and jot down the ideas. Oh, sorry, I mean my penny farthing. Have a lovely sunday and a great start to the week xx

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    1. Ha! Glad to have surprised you. I had a microwave with a mute option but it died. If we ever have to get a new one (there was no need to when mine zapped itself as we had 2 when our households combined) – that’s definately a prerequisite function!


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