What Remains

I held the glass before my eyes…

…and wrapped my fingers around it as she had done, awkward angles with my longer fingers bent to conform as I melded our fingerprints, briefly smudging reality, her hand in mine in her final moments.


This vignette begins with the opening phrase from hbhatnagar’s Two Phrase Story #38. It was fun using that line as a point of departure. Give it a go, inspiration will strike!

15 thoughts on “What Remains

    1. Haha maybe sadness makes for more evocative writing? Or maybe the reflective tone of the opening phrase leads to a slightly heavy continuation? Funny cause there are many instances where holding glass can have happy connotations- celebratory champagne, glass of wine over a nice dinner, a new pair of cool glasses, water when you are really really thirsty…


    1. Hey Ellen! Thanks. Smudging I meant literally. I had no idea of the pagan cleansing but hey, I’m happy to go with it, as it seems like it would be fitting for the feel I went for, the longing to bring back a moment that is gone.

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      1. Oh god. Haha. I haven’t actually gone off to google just now cause I’m really tired, but it is up there in the need to know category, so I will do tomorrow. Now you can’t just give snippets like that. I want to know how, why, when you were subjected to one…

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