Image of Myrna Loy hat veil 1930s for haiku prompt words veiled and fray trail blazing hollywood actress

she entered the fray

threw her hat into the ring

unveiled hidden strengths


Prompt words fray and veiled courtesy of RonovanWrites’ Haiku Poetry Prompt Writing Challenge. The image is of the late Myrna Loy. I came across her looking for a veiled image of a woman who looks like she’s about to kick ass. Turns out Myrna was a trail blazer in influencing social/cultural change, having co-chaired the Advisory Council of the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, and in pre-Instagram 1948, being the first Hollywood celebrity to become a member of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO.

21 thoughts on “Unveiled

    1. Thanks Dagmar. I was almost going to change it, a little while after publishing as it was a quick write and I started to think it was a little clichΓ© with the first 2 lines. Oh well- there it is. I love the photo and it was interesting reading about her. I read more after posting- there was a really informative obituary in the new york times- she was also a vocal opponent into ‘witch hunts’ of unamerican actuvities or something of the sort, I think in the era of the cold war where you were either a communist or an American…

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      1. Ha! sounds like civil courage although no doubt it is connected since English is a Germanic language. I love when a single word can hold so much meaning. Yes, I loved learning a little more about her – added depth to what would have otherwise been an image of a woman chosen just for the way she looks/ is dressed. Hence hidden strength rather than hidden beauty πŸ™‚

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  1. After about ten years break I have begun renewed interest in poetry, starting with Ronovans Haiku Challenge. I am really enjoying your posts . I read the structured counting verse 7575777 and for the first time saw the point of counting syllables, while falling down one of those rabbit holes of WordPress. So then I bumped into Marissas poem relating Facebook death by chocolate !
    Phew! So much to explore…..

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    1. That’s 10 years of living as material! Get writing! Ronovan’s challenge is a great source of inspiration and also a supporting community with lots of great contributions from others. That rabbit hole is dangerous, but sometimes leads to lots of interesting burrows πŸ™‚

      What do you mean by the 7575777 – tried calling it but no one was home! haha. Seriously though- what is that? I am familiar with 575 haiku and I think it is 57577 for a tanka from memory.

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      1. I am new to tanka! That’s it. Yours is an inspiration though, I must try it sometime. I love the blogging community ,just wish I had more time for it, we are really busy people, writing time is a luxury.

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