Shared Space

Image of a bird beside a parked car on a roadside next to a swatch of grass. Used for a poem about the ecological impacts of roads and expanded development.
Photo by K E Garland

You cruise on design modelled after my flight

Aerodynamic, beats walking through traffic

My wing spans effortlessly

I look down at arterials carved through my forest(ry)

Arteries, feathers, blood, beak, and bone

A sacrificial offering

For your carbon fuelled emitting

Omitting thought

For me and my kind

Forcing me to concede

My home

No longer



Mind if we stand still?

For some


Space shared

There’s a sign

Ominously announcing

No park(ing)

Concrete ideas in place of green trees

Before risking the wrath of the no park(ing) inspector

You ignite

My heart and your pistons


Reciprocating engines

A primal reaction

We take flight


What a feeling!


Poem inspired by the image posted by my friend and fellow blogger K E Garland. Kathy regularly posts inspiring quotes (kwotes), images, ideas and thought-provoking, consciousness-raising articles. Thanks for the inspiration Kathy, particularly when I was so close to posting two back to back posts from my travel through the tumbleweed series, if I didn’t get new inspiration! Kathy and I have previously collaborated on a post with tips on maintaining goals and new year resolutions.



22 thoughts on “Shared Space

      1. I was fascinated by your sense of irony. I have a sarcastic senses of humour so the criticism of toxic emissions was strongly telegraphed through your words. Clearly, the bird is helpless to do anything and does not profit from its role in the design. We do have a lot to answer for and it is more than a carbon tax can cover. I commented after reading twice in a two hour period. I apologise for the lack of clarity in my comment.

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      2. Thankyou so much for adding depth, clarity and something for me to also reflect on about what I’ve written. Much appreciated. I felt like a bit of an ass after questioning you but I appreciate your thoughtful reply. Sometimes I will be inspired and write something with an urgency only to later find more meaning to it, either with a break from the words or a comment from a reader. If I ‘think’ while writing, particularly free form poetry, it just doesn’t flow.

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  1. Great work Mek! I’m so glad you understood the nuance of my title “Shared Space.” It really is a criticism of our lack of care/concern for the world. When I saw this Egret 😉 I thought it interesting that s/he was naturally juxtaposed next to this car’s tire. I mean they’ve adapted, but I’m not sure they should have to. Anywho, really nice poem and message. And thanks for such a nice paragraph at the end.

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  2. To me, humans only seem to be redesigning nature, but with a million times less complexity, and for all the wrong reasons, ie, human-centric reasons. I don’t think we are ‘progressing’ at all, merely digressing and big messing.

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