Within the Milky Way

Photo: Richard Baxter


a smooth start to life

pathways mapped by smiling eyes

nourished by mum’s milk


smooth sailing, my boy

galactic love, milky way

be the star you are


smooth skin, blank canvas

before growth, wisdom, creases

milk teeth sprinkled smile


paths smooth, sometimes bumps

life’s jostles may spill your milk

strength in glass half full


Two word prompt (milk, smooth) courtesy of RonovanWrites’ Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge. Thanks Ron!

28 thoughts on “Within the Milky Way

  1. Excellent. Great story and perfectly captures childhood. So wish they could hang on to that a little longer. It’s so heartbreaking when they run into those children who don’t have that smile and things fade.

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    1. Thanks Ron. Yes, childhood should be like a long slow summer vacation full of magic and innocence. I hope the summer lasts a long time for my boy- and I can only hope I do a good job at ensuring he grows into a happy, resilient, balanced, compassionate man. *phew, no pressure!* 🙂

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