Intermission: Kathleen

This is week 1 of 10 in my Travel Through the Tumbleweed series: re-posts of old content, with the intention of sharing them with a new audience. I chose 10 as a good number to allow me to pick my forgotten favourites (out of about 70 on the blog to date) and a way to cap the time travel to ensure I am not re-hashing posts that are best left buried. I will not be editing any of the posts in this series.

Shout outs to Richard Baxter, Marissa Bergen, and Robert Okaji who are probably the only ones to have seen most, if not all, of the Travel Through the Tumbleweed posts- it has been lovely to have your support since the very early days.

This post is a short story inspired by an Edward Hopper painting “Intermission”. The story itself went on to inspire 2 other stories written from the perspective of 2 other characters. I realised only after writing the story that the woman is probably sitting in a theatre. Had that occured to me before writing, it would have been a very different story.

Intermission: Kathleen


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