Conflict Resolution

we’ve reached a deadlock

playground rules for dousing flames

sticks and stones break bones


take care in choosing

rock paper scissors fire

go- throw! wrap! cut! burn!


game of two players

you choose rock, I go with fire

decision pending


sway of the flame’s light

bent by the gem’s sharp edges

unlikely union


Two word prompt (gem, flame) courtesy of RonovanWrites’ Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge. Thanks Ronovan!

Interesting fact: did you know that a decision to settle a matter in a US court (albeit a minor one) was made using a round of rock paper scissors? Check out “American Case” in the Wikipedia entry for Rock Paper Scissors. What did we do pre-Wikipedia? I guess that is the kind of thinking Jimmy Wales hopes will inspire donating to the cause (I did once, as I get reminded everytime there is a fundraising drive).

17 thoughts on “Conflict Resolution

  1. Hope the deadlock gets settled soon. I like to break deadlocks by being extra sweet. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, as they say. On a different note, I’m surprised that people don’t want to donate to Wikipedia. It is just amazing for a quick lookup. That quick fact was quite interesting and I will be sure to share it elsewhere.

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    1. Hi! Yes, sweetness always helps 🙂 as you explained so well in your post on dealing with haters…

      Well, I donated that one time, and I feel so lousy cause each time they have the drive, they remind me how long it’s been since I donated. I think it is great too- obviously you need to cite more references than wiki if you are doing serious research, but it puts so much knowledge at our fingertips, and so quickly.

      Nice to hear from you. Have a lovely Tuesday!

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    1. I had no idea either but loved the description of its use in court! So official sounding- but deliberately done to prove a point about the ridiculous behaviour of both legal parties who took a long time battling out on a trivial matter. I think that judge would be fun to hang out with!


  2. A decision in the US Court was made on Rock Paper Scissors ?? 😀 No wonder the judicial system is weird.
    And hey, I was just wondering that Haikus sound a lot like Slam Poetry. And I LOVE Slam Poetry.

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    1. Yeah- strange way to resolve an issue. Seeing some of the prison stories at the moment on Humans of New York is a pretty sad indictment of the judicial system- seems to dish out heavy punishments on drug crimes which tend to be linked to poverty and disadvantage. Does slam poetry have a structure?I’ll have to go and see sometime. I get what you mean though, the short bursts of words in the haiku and the sudden ending could be effective in a slam.


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