A Collaborative Post with K E Garland

It’s a new year! You’re ready and rearing to go, with several resolutions. There’s just one problem. How will you maintain them? Whether you’re a traditional New Year’s resolutionist, or a general goal-setter, Kathy and I are sharing six ways to maintain those goals. Each is a method that we personally use. We hope these help as you’re re-shaping life.



Visualising successful outcomes of goals is a powerful tool. To begin with, take some time to imagine how your life will positively shift once you’ve achieved the goal. Is it health, wealth, more fun, a de-cluttered house? If you have a tangible outcome that is clear in your mind’s eye, then you’ve partially accomplished it. Furthermore, envisioning benefits will give it added weight, increasing your desire to stick to it.



Now that your goal is at the forefront of your mind, try posting it somewhere you can actually see it. For me, it’s my bathroom. I list each goal on a single sheet, print it out, laminate it and then stick it to my side of the mirror so I have to face them each and every day. Not as Type A as me? Create a digital note and make it the background for your cell phone, laptop or tablet. This will ensure that you consistently see what you’ve committed to doing.



Your goals are on your mind and on paper. Now, create mini-goals. Think of these as resolution subcategories. Did you promise yourself that this is the year you self-publish and market a book? What will it take to do this? Once you’ve determined the steps, then you’ll have your mini-goals. Here’s what they might look like:

  • Scout editors;
  • Create a blog;
  • Find someone to create a digital cover; and
  • Read Stephen King’s On Writing.

Prioritising your mini-goals is key. Reflect on which ones best serve to progress your major goals so that you can decide where to best use your time.



We know what some of you are thinking. Those mini-goals could be major goals. You’re right. Different resolutions require different time frames. That time could be a year, three years or a decade. It depends on your overall objective and priorities. Either way, clear milestones will help you manage time, maintain focus, track your journey, and build in celebrations.

In order to avoid burn out or letting time pass you by, be realistic with your milestone dates. For example, if you know your schedule doesn’t allow for book reading, you might consider separating it into a chapter a month, thus allowing yourself an entire year. Also remember, milestone dates can differ for each mini-goal. Setting this timeline takes a little extra effort and research. But it will be worth it in the end once you’ve actualised your dream.



You didn’t think we wanted you to go at it alone, did you? Networks are very important. Therefore, share your goals with supportive people. Begin with individuals on a similar path. For example, if you want to write a mystery novel, then join the mystery-writing novel group at your local library. It is a great way to create a personal cheering squad of like-minded souls headed in the same direction.

Sharing your goals with others will keep you accountable and add incentive to stick it out, with your personal integrity on display. These groups of people will also genuinely ask about your progress. If you’re unsure where to find an organization, then join an online group centered on the subject, or blog about your goal using relevant tags and categories.



You’ve visualised. Your goals are posted. You have mini-goals with appropriate milestones. And your cheering squad is ready to help. Now what? Kathy and I are both working women with families and other daily priorities. We understand that a lot can happen between January and March. Maybe you’ve switched careers. Perhaps you’ve moved into a different home. Either way, life events sometimes make it close to impossible to achieve the goals that you’ve set three months prior. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, just reflect, and then revise the goal. This could mean that you’ve set up the blog but have found daily maintenance too taxing. It’s okay. Revise the goal! Instead, post once a week until time permits for more frequent blogging. Trust us. These are your goals; revisions are allowed.

Have you tried any of these? Would you add another? Let us know in the comments section. Best of luck for a happy, healthy and fruitful New Year realising your dreams!

~kg and Mek


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      1. No, but I am fairly goal oriented and make changes I feel are needed at any point in the year. Some current ones are to start doing yoga again, a daily meditation practice and to finish my novel second draft. Oh, and to refurbish my dining room chairs…

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      2. Yes, do able in theory. My biggest struggle is time. I’m sure once my baby is older, It’ll get easier. I’ve had to learn to let go and not have too many things on my plate.

        Pilates! Cool. You must have a great posture and core strength! Do you do floor Pilates or with a reformer?

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      3. Yes, I remember that you have a baby and was considering that when I heard about your resolutions. How old is he/she now?
        I’m going to say I do floor pilates because I actually have no idea what a reformer is. I feel very amateur to have simply got a kit from Target and followed whatever exercises were listed.

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    1. Thanks. The collaboration has also made me want to do more of that with other bloggers- so writing the post has inspired a goal- very meta hey? Mini goals are definitely the way to go- I see them as a clear course of action whereas major goals can be a little pie in the sky. Good luck with your goals Amie 🙂

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