Job Seeker’s Sonnet 1


To whom it may concern

I am in search of employment

From what I can discern

It may help with my mortgage payment

Your vibrant workplace culture

Conjures up thoughts of a monthly brief

Where in place of monotonous torture

We’d be led in song by none other than the chief

A focus on sustainability

I can say we match there too

I’d like to sustain a livability

That affords the occasional Jimmy Choo

To close I’ll leave you with a blurb containing an adjective or three

A hard working, expert, team playing professional, you’d do well to hire me.

I had fun with this and learnt a little about poetry and rhyme schemes. The subject was inspired by This Post where poet Robert Okaji is interviewed and mentions his foray into editing and proof reading resumes and cover letters. No high heels were worn in writing this poem or ever, where the author can avoid it.

16 thoughts on “Job Seeker’s Sonnet 1

    1. Yay! thank you! I did wonder whether you’d comment. Not sure if you’re pulling my leg, but I’ll look that up and accept the challenge 🙂 syllable count too? woah, I’ve seen how hard that is when I tried the tanka some time ago.


      1. Okay, I’ll give it a go! might take a while though- perhaps as long as it takes me to craft one of my less poetic cover letters!

        I’m not clear on whether my attempt here is an Italian Sonnet or a Shakespearean sonnet. What’s in a name? that which we call a sonnet. By any other name would rhyme as well 🙂

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      2. Thanks for clarifying. Yes, they take a long time. Once upon a time, I used to just change some obvious details (name of company for example) and send off the same letter- and it worked! but the longer my work history, the less that approach works…

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    1. Thanks for the re-blog Gen! See, this is why I need your career coaching advice. I’ll stick to Robert for the poetry coaching and try not to muddle up the two 🙂 Unless of course a key selection criteria requires a response with a strict consonant count…


    1. Thanks! I actually thought of you while writing it- my bad for not giving you a shout out. I don’t normally write poetry like this and I tried to channel your muse (is she still in Vegas? can people share a muse?)

      Yes, a Jimmy Choo would break all those things and my spirit too 🙂


      1. Oh, well I feel quite flattered nonetheless. Yes, my Muse came back from Vegas but this weekend I can’t find her anywhere! I’m sure she will come dragging in on Monday morning quite worse for the wear and tear!

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