Vantage Point

Photo by Richard Baxter

Scene from mountain top

Horizon beyond valley

A seamless landscape

Tree tops merge with long grey clouds

The sun diffuses soft light

Seen from the valley

Mountain stretched to evening sky

One ends, one begins

Soft clouds caress leafy ridge

Dappled light on granite stone

Write a poem with the structure of a tanka (5 lines with 5-7-5-7-7 syllables). Prompt from The Daily Post. Subject inspiration from a walk this evening, using a sequence of two tanka. I had no idea about the structure of a haiku or a tanka and had never attempted to do either until writing this post. What a challenge! I scratched my head a bit trying to work out the number of syllables in some of the words I used, saying the words out loud while counting on my fingers. This site helped in the end, even allowing entry of a whole sentence for a syllable count. I had a lot of fun writing this post and look forward to playing with this form of poetry again…

5 thoughts on “Vantage Point

    1. Woah- I never expected to hear from you! That’s like google emailing to see how I’m going with that rash I keep asking about 😂

      I continue to use it to this day, although I now think in 5 syllable chunks so it’s gotten easier for me. Great service you provide, thankyou!


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