We are distinct

The softly spoken force of gravity, specifically

Keeps us apart

Just enough

To preserve our own identity

In our separateness

We consume the entirety

Of space

You filling every void around me

And I do the same

Each in our element

When the heat causes me to rise

And dance

As you follow suit

Leaving no gap between me and you

You and me

We redefine our boundaries

In infinite ways

A gentle incandescence

A quiet bliss

We perfect the choreography

Of the moment

And are duly rewarded with eternity


Write approximately *200 words based on image of a lava lamp. Prompt from Sunday Photo Fiction. Can 93 words be considered approximately 200? I think sometimes the art is in knowing when to stop : )

7 thoughts on “Lava

    1. Thanks Al. Your prompts have served me well for this 30 day writing challenge. I was only half serious, I’m pretty relaxed with “rules” but it is a constant battle with the competitive perfectionist in me. So far I have managed 24 of the 26 days consecutively and I’m not being too hard on myself about it : )


      1. That’s pretty good going. I’m impressed 🙂

        There was one person last week, he managed to keep it at 126 words. Then he wrote a little bit more and it ended up at 1200 lol


      2. Spoke too soon…now I have missed another day! but all good, I’ll get back on track. Funny how writing a little more can get a whole lot more words out- I guess that is what happens when you are inspired.


      3. oops. It’s still not bad going though. I have missed a couple of days in the last year as well. Last year I missed 18 as i took time off, now I tend to take off Sundays, but do occasionally post.


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