Moonrise by George Inness, 1887


He wears his solitude

Like a life vest

Impervious to judgment

Of eyes that pry

And thoughts delving

Deeper than the waters

That he navigates


Night falls

And he is safe in its darkness

Taking his cue from the moonlight

As it rises

Reflecting on the surface

Leaving the water more viscous

Bearing the weight of his quiet contemplation

His vessel floats on


Poem inspired by George Inness’ Moonrise

14 thoughts on “Moonrise

    1. Thanks so much Wayne- that is amazing feedback. To move a reader or speak their unspoken words is what I hope to achieve. Keep sailing in the moonlight toward the brightness of a new day 😊

      I’m going to tidy up my inbox and stop alerts cause at the moment it is really hard for me to find a message amongst all the wp alerts. I usually read on the reader, so no point having 100 alerts a day! And then I’ll email you about hopper!

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