Writer’s Manifesto

Why do I write? That is a question I have asked myself at times when I am busy with any number of obstacles to writing, such as rearranging my desk for the seventeenth time in a week; ‘researching’ ideas before falling into a cyber rabbit hole; going for a walk to get ideas, only to replay conversations long over; or, just plain staring at a blank page, favourite writing pen in hand (no product placement here).

To loosely borrow from Descartes, I write therefore I am. When I write, I am confronted with the question “who am I?” In practicing the craft, I can’t escape: questioning the authenticity in my voice; the struggle between writing what I want and writing what I think I should write; wondering whether I sound smart, funny, interesting. In other words, when I write, I peel away the many layers to reveal myself. My writing practice parallels my life journey. When I give in to it and stop caring what others think, I am at my happiest. It is then that I am receptive to serendipitous offerings; “mistakes” unveil gifts; and, on reading an un-censored piece, I find a depth I hadn’t consciously intended.

Writing makes me feel alive- the act of creation that conquers the destructive force of my inner critic. I write to discover who I am, and I find myself in the characters, scenes, weaknesses, challenges and self-revelations that my writing unveils. And so I repeat, I write, therefore I am. To overcome my obstacles, I will remind myself of that over and over and over again with every stroke of my pen and tap of my keyboard.


Write a manifesto, making a forceful case for something (prompt from this DPchallenge, with inspiration from this post on writing a manifesto)

28 thoughts on “Writer’s Manifesto

  1. I so feel ya! And I write for whom I want to become. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to get into the writing when I’m observing all those feelings of self doubt and how I might be perceived. But when I allow my characters to speak through me, I set my self aside and become their voices. I’m no longer me but living my life through them, if only in fantasy. Or I guess they’re actually living their lives through me. Those are the times I cherish, because I get to play someone else and can really get eaten up with their stories. Lovely post!

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree, even if there is something of me in my characters, it is always nice to go on an unfamiliar adventure for a while : )
      p.s. I didn’t realise it was possible, but I have edited your first comment as per your second comment (in italics in your first comment). I resisted the urge to include superfluous praise for my post in there haha.

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    1. Thank you so much for the feedback, Stella. I went to check you out and saw you are a 3LTer 🙂 I love you response to the latest prompt. I should have mine up later today- just juggling a few other things in the window of time I get while my baby sleeps.


      1. Scary! I thought I was losing my marbles already–and it’s not even 8pm! I was just over at your place, and saw the “lemons” 3LT–but surely you were referring to the current one…which you’ll be posting soon… Did I mention that I’m sorta old and fuzzy-brained?? 🙂

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      2. Haha no sign of YOU being fuzzy brained- all my fault. Yes, will post the new one later on today. 🙂 I refuse to say I am old (although it’s all relative) but I am definately fuzzy brained at least 65% of the time. The other 35% I think I’m sharp, then for 10% of the time, I have done the math wrong hahahhaha.


      3. I’m not a mom (was eldest of 6)–however, I believe the statute is clear that the excuse is valid for life! 🙂 (I can’t read the fine print though, as I have vision issues on top of the fuzzy-brain deal goin’ on!)

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      4. Great- I’ll say ‘Stella says so!’ if anyone questions it. I have now posted my 3LTale! Nice chatting Stella, catch you in other posts on your blog, and here if you visit again 🙂


  2. Thanks for the like and follow. Nice manifesto. There’s nothing more rewarding in my opinion that just writing for the sake of writing and, as you say, revealing glimpses of ourselves between the lines and in the words.

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