Of course it was illegal, but that was not going to deter Rogerson. He was determined to get what was rightly his, and that meant staking out the house next door until Owen and Mandy were out, to carry out the stealth tree lopping. His view had been obscured for far too long now. The bastards had promised they’d only be planting dwarf varieties of the obstructions with the tounge twisting latin names with too many letters. Yeah, sure, it wasn’t in his property boundary and then there was the argument of environmental benefits, ecosystems and what not. At least they were the arguments that his wife had come up with when he’d first discussed his plans. That was 5 years ago and things have only gotten worse. Now from the lounge room, he no longer had decent vantage to the street to be sure that his car was okay, parked in its usual spot. He’d watched passively all this time as Owen dutifully watered them, applied fertiliser and spent a god-awful amount of time tending to the weeds around them. And they grew and grew and grew. Yes, he knew it was illegal to lop those trees, but he reasoned that at least since he had bumped his wife off, there was no longer anyone to argue the case for the trees.


Start writing (stream of consciousness) using the prompt ‘Of course it was illegal’ (one of 50 prompts found here).



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